Wednesday, 14 March 2012

In my fridge:

I got the idea of 'In My Fridge' from The Story Sirens 'In my Mailbox', check it out. I named it In my fridge because of my love for food and my love for books and because of my blog title! In My Fridge is the books I have recieved from the library, bought (rarely), borrowed and received for review!

Today I raided my school library and collected two reservations from my local library giving me a total of 7 books to read :D

Torn- Cat Clarke (British Book Challenge)
A Company of swans- Eva Ibbotson (That dreaded book) (YA historical challenge & British Book Challenege.)
I was Jane Austen's best friend- Cora Harrison (YA historical fiction challenge.)
A Year without Autumn- Liz Kessler ( British book challenge.)
Lament- Maggie Stiefvater( how would you pronounce that surname?!)
A Gathering Light- Jennifer Donnelly ( It won so many awards) (YA historical fiction challenge.)
Luxe- Anna Godberson (YA historical fiction challenge.)

I shall try my best to review them all! 

I found out today that my school has a copy of 'Fifteen days without a head' by David Cousins so I am super excited!

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